Gr Des 66 Week 1

Three Favorite Websites


This is a site I visit daily especially when I miss my dose of news via radio or TV. I also enjoy their lifestyle programs and can catch up on them when I’m not on the road or had to leave a program half way through. It’s well organized for being content heavy and also more colorful than some other news media websites, along with ample amount of white space allowing for easy navigation.


This is my favorite site for local culture, events and news happening in my community. I like its satirical but still informative take on local news and LA culture. My favorite part of the site is its restaurant reviews. The design is kind of busy but I like it because it represents the energetic/quirky culture of LA and California. The use of bright and flashy colors also adds to the vibrant look and feel of the site.


I like this site for its simplicity and practicality. It’s a huge time-saver when researching flights and their clean look communicates trustworthiness and reliability. I like their minimal use of color and selective use of orange. Everything about the site is straightforward and efficient, which is the way I like travel to be.


What do I like best about Web Design?

I’m still figuring out my place in this field and honestly wasn’t interested in Web Design until I took Web 1. I initially became interested in Graphic Design because I liked the combination of creativity and technology – a balance between the objective and subjective. When I took Web 1, I saw that Web Design was a even better marriage of the two and since then have shifted my direction of interest. I’m curious to see how my web skills will grow as I take more classes and gain more experience in the field.

As I was sifting through the list of blogs on 100 Must Read Design Blogs, this post caught my eye because I’m new to WordPress and wanted to know more about the buzz that’s been surrounding such CMS sites. The article is a guide to how you can take advantage of the blog platform and use it as a static site. It introduces a template where the blog template can be transformed into a static home page and blog page with a custom side bar, and provides the code for the template. I like this blog because it provides industry insight, basic resources, and guides to how-to’s, which is very helpful for a beginner designer like myself.

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One Response to Gr Des 66 Week 1

  1. Jamie says:

    Hi Wenye,

    I’m very happy to hear that you’re interested in Web Design because you have an inherent talent for it — and it is the perfect combination of creative and technology. I’m so glad to have you in class again.

    Interesting article about customizing WordPress. Thanks for your post!

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